Recon derde remlicht LED Doge Ram Recon Dodge RAM 09-17 LED 3rd Brake Light

Recon derde remlicht LED Doge Ram Recon Dodge RAM 09-17 LED 3rd Brake Light

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RECON, the premiere manufacturer of aftermarket lighting and accessories for the Truck and SUV market is proud to announce CLEAR & SMOKED LED 3rd BRAKE LIGHTS for every make and model of domestic pick-up truck & some SUVs & domestic performance cars. RECON LED 3rd brake lights are much safer, brighter, more intense, longer lasting, and better looking than their ordinary factory installed 3rd brake light counterparts. RECON CLEAR & SMOKED LED 3rd BRAKE LIGHTS take just seconds to install and are a direct replacement for your OEM factory installed 3rd brake lamp. RECON CLEAR & SMOKED LED 3rd BRAKE LIGHTS are made to exacting standards which exceed OEM specifications. RECON CLEAR & SMOKED LED 3rd BRAKE LIGHTS are street legal in all 50 states and have been approved for use by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration “(NHSTA”). RECON CLEAR & SMOKED LED 3rd BRAKE LIGHTS are available with either Clear or Smoked lenses. Each kit comes complete for simple installation.

All RECON LED 3rd Brake Lights are Direct Plug-N-Play Replacements. No tools other than a screwdriver are required. In most cases installation can be completed in under 60 seconds!

Features Include:

• • Sterk zichtbaar voor andere voertuigen, waardoor de kans op kop-staartbotsingen kleiner is • • Gemaakt met alleen de beste state-of-the-art componenten & amp; schakeling • • RECON LED ook bekend als L.E.D. licht tienduizenden uren op • • Geen vervelende flikkering van halogeen- of fluorescentielampen • •LED. verlichting is ongevoelig voor hitte, kou, schok & amp; trilling • • Er wordt geen breekbaar glas gebruikt, & amp; LED. Derde remlichten zijn volledig waterdicht • • RECON retailvriendelijke verpakking zorgt voor een perfect cadeau • • Geweldig ogende heldere Smoked style lenzen voor een "Murdered Out" Look met Chrome of Dark Smoke • • Super Bright hoge intensiteit L.E.D. lichten zullen langer meegaan dan uw pickup truck, SUV of Performance Car • • Gebruikt bestaande gaten, montage zonder aanpassingen of boren

 · Highly visible from other vehicles thus reducing chances of rear end collisions

 · Made using only the finest state of the art components & circuitry

 · RECON LED aka L.E.D. lights last tens of thousands of hours

 · No annoying flicker from halogen or fluorescent bulbs

 · L.E.D. lighting is impervious to heat, cold, shock & vibration

 · No breakable glass is used, & L.E.D. Third Brake Lights are completely waterproof

 · RECON retail-friendly packaging makes for a perfect gift

 · Great looking Clear or Smoked lenses for a Chrome or Dark Smoke "Murdered Out" Look

 · Super Bright high-intensity L.E.D. lights will outlast your truck, SUV, or performance car

 · Uses existing holes without modification or drilling

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